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Integration & Management Team

As referenced in the 'Framework for the Future Delivery of Water Services' an Integration and Management Team will be put in place to look after operational delivery of water services, and manage and enable the move towards service standardisation. The roles comprise:

  1. Existing Uisce Éireann staff (i.e., existing Regional Operational Leads)
  2. Local Authority water services staff (i.e., existing Senior Engineers, Senior Executive Officers and Directors of Service)

There will be approx. 90 roles in the Integration and Management Team. Roles will include frontline 'management' roles to manage ongoing service delivery and 'integration' roles to support strategic change initiatives and introduce new ways of working.

The Integration and Management Team will be a critical team looking after and stabilising operational and service delivery. It is intended that many of these roles will subsequently transition to regional operations roles in water or wastewater services i.e., Water Lead or Wastewater Lead, within the same locality.

Setting up the Integration and Management Team is a vital step in the move to bring all water services under one organisation. The knowledge, experience and expertise of colleagues in Local Authorities is very important to its success. It will ensure minimum changes to existing line management arrangements. It will provide the link between current water services mid management and outdoor staff, and appropriate Uisce Éireann regional and national personnel.

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