Get Connected to the Network

Irish Water and your Local Authority are working in partnership to streamline and improve the enquiry\application process for connecting to the water and wastewater networks.


Any person or entity who needs to get a new or modified connection to public water supply or wastewater collection infrastructure must contact Irish Water. You can make a pre-connection enquiry in order to establish the feasibility of a connection to the Irish Water network. This is a free service which allows you to find out whether a connection to the public network is possible or not. This can be followed by an application for a
connection, once you have secured planning permission for your project.

Where you have concerns about the feasibility of connecting to the public network, we advise you to make a pre-connection enquiry at an early stage of your project, as the outcome of this pre-connection enquiry may influence your plans. Connection applications for existing properties that require a first time connection, or that are looking to cater for increased demand or discharge, can be made at any time.

This section will explain how you can get a connection, and to help you understand what you need to do in order to apply for a connection.

Please review this section of the website carefully, together with the Irish Water Codes of Practice, Standard Details, pre-connection enquiry and connection application forms, all of which are available on these pages.

Get Connected to the Network

Our short video takes you through the steps to get a new or modified connection to the water and wastewater network.

Connection process

The process is divided into two phases. Find out more by selecting a phase.

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