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Water and wastewater services for our business customers.

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Sign up to Business text alerts for outages

We now offer text alerts for Businesses, providing valuable updates on outages in your area, so you can stay informed and plan ahead.

Need to pay a bill?

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Trade effluent

Trade Effluent is any liquid waste (other than domestic wastewater and storm water) that is discharged from a business premises to the public sewers. You must have a Trade Effluent Licence to discharge trade effluent to the sewer.

Business charges

A new charging framework for Businesses came into effect on the 1 October 2021.

A cafe worker handing a customer a scone on a plate

Business water conservation

Discover how your business can conserve water and become a water steward. Safeguarding our water supply and cutting down on your costs.

Water Stewardship Training Programme

New Uisce Éireann Certification in International Best Practice Water Stewardship. Registration now open to Uisce Éireann Business Customers.