Ways of Working

We will work with all staff to understand the best approach as we move to standardise 31 different models across the country.  Service stability and continuity will be the over-riding objective. Changes will only be made where they are practical and where they provide a benefit to our workers or our communities. For example, the roll out of modern safer and more fit for purpose fleet and equipment and the provision of programmes to provide for safer infrastructure.

Ways of Working will continue to evolve, as they always have done, to reflect ongoing developments in technology, environmental regulation, health and safety and other regulatory and customer service obligations. Uisce Éireann will continue the culture of development and improvement that has long been practiced in Ireland’s water services, by keeping abreast of best international practice.

Improvements in this area will include:

  • Increased use of smart tools and systems, and continued re-investment in technological advances

  • In-sourcing of many activities that are currently outsourced, including progressively bringing all treatment plants into direct labour operation.

Standardised approach

  • Make our infrastructure safer to operate
  • Improve services to customer and the community
  • Minimise risks to service delivery

What the future holds

  • Increased capital investment
  • Increased levels of technology adoption
  • Increased investment in fleet and equipment
  • Training, Graduate & Apprenticeship Programmes
  • Insourcing of expertise