• A reliable water supply – replacing the ageing water mains and service connections will reduce the instances of bursts and water outages and will ensure a reliable supply of water to customers and local businesses in the area
  • Reduced leaks – replacing the old water mains and service connections will eliminate existing leaks and reduce the amount of clean drinking water lost into the ground
  • Improved Water Quality – removing existing old cast iron and lead from the public water network and replacing them with new plastic pipes will reduce the risk of contamination
  • Improved operation and maintenance – these works will deliver cost savings by providing improved water network operation that will require less maintenance in the future


  • The water mains replacement works will involve the decommissioning and replacement of approximately 1.2 kilometres of old and damaged cast iron water mains
  • The existing pipes will be replaced with new modern high density polyethylene (plastic) pipes
  • Where there is lead on the public side of the service connection this will be removed
  • The construction works will commence on the 5th June 2018 and are expected to take approximately 6 weeks to complete
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