Saggart Reservoir Project

Reservoir Project

Irish Water is constructing a new reservoir in Saggart to improve security of supply to the Greater Dublin Area.



Irish Water is progressing with plans to upgrade the Saggart Reservoir. The Saggart Waterworks was originally constructed in 1951, however current storage provisions at Saggart is insufficient and needs to be increased to meet the current and future water demands of the Greater Dublin Area (GDA).

This project includes the construction of 100 million litres covered treated water reservoir to store water supplied from Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant and will improve security and resilience of supply to the GDA.


  • Increase security and resilience of the drinking water supply to businesses and residents in the Greater Dublin Area.
  • Provide increased storage capacity to meet current and future storage requirements of the GDA.
  • Will help to address the current and medium term water supply demands of the GDA.
  • Facilitate future growth and development in the Greater Dublin Area.

What is involved as part of this project?

The project includes the construction of:

  • A 100 million litres covered treated water reservoir at the existing reservoir site in Saggart, equivalent to the size of 40 Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • A new Electro Chlorination Plant building and associated infrastructure.