Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant

Arklow has been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as an area where wastewater is discharged into the Avoca River without any treatment. This practice of discharging untreated wastewater to the river is no longer acceptable and Irish Water intends to fix this problem in partnership with Wicklow County Council.

The provision of a new wastewater treatment plant in Arklow will bring benefits to the town and surrounding areas in terms of health, environmental protection and improved water quality for all.

Arklow, Wicklow
In Progress

Project Objectives

Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant must be delivered in a way that not only meets the required legislative standards but that also ensures that all works are undertaken in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, in cooperation with the local community.

The objectives of the Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant project are as follows:

  • To stop the current practice of discharging untreated wastewater to the Avoca River
  • To provide a wastewater treatment facility that will comply with all relevant legislative requirements and will service the population of Arklow into the future
  • To improve water quality in the Avoca River

What is involved?

Irish Water intends to develop the Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant Project which includes:

  • A new, state of the art, wastewater treatment plant that has been designed to provide an ultimate treatment capacity for a PE (population equivalent) of up to 36,000 at the Old Wallboard Factory, North Quay, Ferrybank
  • Sewer pipelines (along the North and South Quays) to bring the untreated wastewater to the WwTP
  • A marine outfall pipe to safely discharge the treated wastewater to the Irish Sea

Stakeholder Engagement

Who can I contact if I want to find out more about this project?

Members of the public are welcome to contact the Project Team if they have any questions on the Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant Project and can do so in the following ways:



A dedicated Community Liaison Officer has been appointed for the duration of this project. If you require further information regarding the works, please contact the project team or Ward and Burke Water Ltd on 086 1036300.

Figure 1: September 2021; The site of the Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant, prior to works commencing.

Figure 2: November 2021; demolition works progressed from September to December 2021.

Figure 3: December 2021; The old Wallboard Factory has now been demolished.