Eliminating raw sewage

Since 2014, we have built new wastewater infrastructure for 17 towns and villages across the country, ending the discharge of raw sewage into our rivers, lakes and seas every day. 60% of the raw sewage in Ireland has now been eliminated. We have a plan to remove the rest.

Irish Water is on track to eliminate the majority of raw sewage discharges by the end of 2025.

Irish Water has plans in place to remove the remaining areas by prioritising the areas where it can make the biggest impacts first. In 2021, construction will start in at least 14 locations across the country, with 8 more starting in 2022.


When the projects are complete it will bring many benefits to the local communities and tourists, with improved water quality on the rivers, lakes and sea. It will safeguard our health, benefit the local environment and protect marine life. It will also ensure compliance with European regulatory standards.

Eliminating Raw Sewage in Ireland

We are working on projects all across Ireland to eliminate the discharge of raw sewage. View our videos to find out more and how our projects benefit the local community.

Associated Campaigns

The works undertaken as part of this programme is embedded in Irish Water’s supports of Clean Coasts Think Before You Flush and Think Before You Pour campaigns. These public awareness programmes raise awareness about the problems that sanitary products, cotton wipes, Fats, Oils and Grease and other items can cause to our marine environment, wildlife and our wastewater systems if they are flushed down the toilet or poured down the sink.