In Progress

What is involved?

  • Undertaken CCTV camera surveys and data collection of the sewer, pumping stations and manholes.
  • Installed flow monitors and rainfall gauges to collect relevant data.
  • Data collected as part of these surveys will be assessed to enable Irish Water to build a hydraulic model of the existing wastewater network in Thurles and Roscrea.


  • Determine the condition, capacity and performance level of the sewer network.
  • Allow Irish Water to prioritise sewers in need of upgrade, protecting the environment from sewer flooding or overflows.
  • Feed into a national programme of sewer network models across the county.
  • Ensure that the wastewater infrastructure is in place to support population growth and economic development.

What is a Drainage Area Plan?

Irish Water is investing over €38 million as part of this national programme of sewer surveys and modelling. Drainage Area Plans are being completed for 37 urban areas across the country to investigate the hydraulic, environmental, structural and operation issues within the wastewater infrastructure. Once completed, this programme will allow Irish Water to prioritise wastewater infrastructure in need of upgrade on a national basis.

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