An assessment of water mains in Co. Mayo was undertaken and sections of mains in Ballina were identified as defective and causing significant water leaks.

This €7 million investment will directly benefit approx 20,000 customers by improving the reliability of their water services by targeting and replacing the old, leaking, water mains in Ballina.

Location Ballina, Co. Mayo
Investment €7 million
Status Completed

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Reduce water leakage
  • Improve drinking water quality
  • Reduce water supply disruptions
  • Reduce maintenance costs (leak repair, flushing etc)
  • Allow for future population growth and economic development 

What is involved in this project

  1. Upgrading sections of the water main distribution network that are in poor condition on the Lough Mask and Ballina Regional Water Supply Schemes in Co. Mayo.
  2. Replacing defective water mains and installing new water mains in Ballina (3.5 km), Knockmore (23.5 km), Breaffy (3.7 km), and Crossboyne (2.7 km).
  3. Replace approx. 535 associated customer service connections and boundary boxes.

Who financed this project?

These works are co-financed by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funding through the BMW (Border, Midlands and Western) Operational Programme 2007-2013


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