This €5.8 million investment will address the water quality issues in the Greencastle Water Supply by transferring water from the Pollan Dam Water Treatment Plant into the East Inishowen supply area.

This will enable water to be supplied into the Greencastle area and allow for the decommissioning and rationalisation of the Greencastle Water Treatment Plant.

Location Inishowen, Co. Donegal
Investment €5.8 million
Status In Progress
Completion Date Winter 2018

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Improve drinking water quality

  • Secure safe water supply

  • Improve service levels

Latest News

  • As part of this project it will be necessary to carry out works on the L1371 and the R240.

What is involved in this project?

  1. The transfer of 1,500m3/day from the Pollan Dam Water Treatment Plant into East Inishowen.

  2. The construction of a pumping station within the existing Pollan Dam Water Treatment Plant site.

  3. 6.95km rising main to a new 1,000m3 reservoir at Crockaveeny and 4.5km of distribution main.

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