Improving our network

Water is one of our most valuable resources. It has shaped our landscape, dictated the location of our cities, protected our health and fuelled our economic development in Ireland. For a long time, Ireland’s water network has served us reasonably well, but it now faces serious challenges. 

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Transforming Water Services Now

To transform our water services, Irish Water, guided by its parent Ervia, has developed a seven year Business Plan with the overriding objective of delivering a quality service to customers. Irish Water will ensure that a national and long term approach to the planning and development of our water services is taken, duplication is eliminated and that a systematic approach is applied to the operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater networks. 

Irish Water’s mission
All of our customers should receive a safe and reliable supply of drinking water and have their wastewater collected and safely returned to the environment. We will protect the environment in all our activities and support Ireland’s social and economic growth through appropriate investment in Water Services.

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A strategic plan for water services

A strategic plan for water services

Irish Water has published the Water Services Strategic Plan, Ireland’s first integrated national plan for the delivery of water services, providing you with a transformed water and wastewater network meaning better water quality and safer wastewater treatment. 

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Lead in drinking water

There are public health risks from consumption of lead in drinking water. Irish Water is working hard to improve the quality and supply of our water including tackling national issues like the impact of lead pipes on drinking water. Lead is used for making batteries, roofing material and metal products such as pipes and solder (used for joining pipes) and Irish Water's ultimate goal is the removal of all lead piping likely to supply water for drinking. 

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Sludge management

Irish Water has published the first National Wastewater Sludge Management Plan (NWSMP) outlining its strategy for managing wastewater sludge over the next 25 years. The NWSMP sets out a nationwide standardised approach to ensure that treated wastewater sludge across the country is effectively managed, stored, transported and re-used or disposed of in a sustainable way, to the benefit of the public and the environment we all live in.

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Water supply

There is a is an urgent need for a new source of water supply for the Eastern and Midlands Regions.The water supply project represents the first major comprehensive upgrade to Ireland’s infrastructure in over 80 years. It is a key part of Irish Water’s overall nationwide remit to identify and deliver a sustainable and resilient water supply system that will meet the domestic, commercial and industrial needs of over 40% of Ireland’s population into the future.

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Transforming our network

We are working to improve water and wastewater services right across the country. High leakage rates, varying water quality standards and disruptions to water supply are common across Ireland's water services. Our projects will benefit households and businesses by improving water quality, securing supply and reducing water leakage. Explore our water and wastewater projects to find out what improvements we are making in your area.

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We're committed to delivering for our customers

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