In Progress
€2 million


  • Improve the performance of the wastewater treatment process at the plant
  • Enable the plant to handle peak flows and manage storm water overflows more effectively
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with the Wastewater Treatment Regulations 2001
  • Provide for growth and development in Monksland and the surrounding areas

What is involved?

  1. Construct a preliminary treatment works including inlet works, screens, grit removal and an overflow chamber.
  2. Construct a new storm water holding tank and overflow infrastructure.
  3. Carry out improvements to the sludge handling facilities.
  4. Upgrade the control systems at the plant.
  5. Decommission and demolish the existing inlet works and disused sludge drying beds.

More information

For further information you can contact the Project Team at team@water.ie.

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