There are enough water supply pipes to circle the earth

1.7 billion litres of treated drinking water is supplied daily

43% of our treated water is lost through leakage

Kilometres of water network
Leak repair experts on the ground fixing leaks
Leaks are fixed every month
Litres of water saved daily by 2021

How are we reducing leakage?

The national leakage reduction programme is delivering a number of different types of work which are collectively reducing high levels of leakage across the country. This includes the following:

'Find & Fix' scheme

The 'Find & Fix' scheme involves leak detection experts using sounding equipment in public areas to locate underground leaks. When public side leaks are found, we will carry out the necessary repairs.

Mains replacement

We plan and design our projects to replace old and damaged water mains across the country in areas where it is needed most. Our pipes are below ground with other services including electricity and gas. Therefore, we must carry out underground surveys and inspect the pipes before replacing them.


Backyard and shared connections

In some older properties water connections may be installed to the back of properties, running through customer’s back gardens or shared where two or more properties are fed by a single water pipe. These connections are often made from iron or lead and prone to leaks and disruptions. We are working to provide individual water pipes to each property.

Lead replacement

Lead in drinking water is a recognised health concern. We are investigating the pipes that connect individual properties to the public water mains, replacing any public-side lead pipes with new plastic pipes. Find out more at Lead in drinking water.

'First Fix Free' scheme

The First Fix Free scheme offers free leak investigations and free repairs on domestic properties where a constant flow of water is found on the external water supply pipe. Find out how you can get your First Fix Free.

District Meter Area establishment

This involves completing surveys and enabling works which allow us to measure water flow into and out of a defined area on the public network. Establishing this allows us to assess water usage is this area and review levels of leakage. Where measurements indicate high levels of leakage we then direct crews to these areas to locate the underground leaks.

Pressure Management

An important way to reduce leakage is to measure and manage water pressure on the public network. Where pressure is required to be balanced specialised valves are fitted to the public water pipes.

Business meter replacement

To ensure that business meters are operating effectively we are completing surveys to establish the condition of the existing meter asset base. Ensuring the correct sizing & technology is in place and where issues are identified the meters will be replaced.

We're on track to save 166 million litres of drinking water daily by 2021. That’s enough water to fill 66 Olympic-size swimming pools every day.

What does it mean for you?

  1. A more reliable water supply
    Fixing and replacing old and damaged pipes to reduce disruption and outages from bursts.
  2. Improved water quality
    Reducing the risk of contamination by replacing aging, damaged cast iron and lead pipes.
  3. Reduced leakage
    Reducing the amount of clean drinking water lost into the ground by replacing aging and problematic water pipes.
  4. Individual water connections
    Reducing disruptions by replacing shared and back yard water services with individual and accessible supply connections.

Leakage reduction campaign page

Much of our drinking water is lost through leaks before it ever reaches your tap. We're working to safeguard our water for the future by reducing the high levels of leakage.

Learn more about leakage reduction

Leakage reduction campaign page

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