National Projects

The projects in this section have a very wide, or national impact, on our customers. They are concerned with the improvement and enhancement of water quality, supply, and wastewater services.

Eliminating Raw Sewage

Since 2014, we have built new wastewater infrastructure for 16 towns and villages across the country, ending the discharge of raw sewage into our rivers, lakes and seas every day. Half of the raw sewage in Ireland has now been eliminated. We have a plan to remove the rest.

National Disinfection Programme

A national programme of works to improve the quality of drinking water across the country.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Irish Water recognises the urgent need to increase and accelerate efforts to halt the decline of biodiversity. We are committed to building infrastructure that protects and, where possible, enhances our ecosystems.

Regional Sludge Hub Centres

Irish Water is assessing wastewater treatment plants as potential sludge hub centres so that sludge can be treated more effectively and efficiently

Sewer Rehabilitation Programme

Programme of works to upgrade and repair Ireland's sewer network

Eastern and Midlands Water Supply Project

We require a new source of water for the Eastern and Midlands region of the country to meet growing needs. Learn about the research, environmental and technical assessments, and public consultation we have been conducting.

Leakage Reduction Programme

Every day almost half of the 1.7 billion litres of water we distribute through the network is lost through leaks. This national programme of works will reduce leakage and improve our water supply over the next four years.

RBMP Enhanced Ambition Programme

Irish Water has received €20 million in funding from the European Commission (EC) for the River Basin Management Plan Enhanced Ambition Programme, which is one of the measures included in Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan