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The application of VAT and the timing of its introduction is a matter for the Government. There is no change in VAT at this time for business customers. Water services that were previously exempt from VAT will continue to be exempt.

Future Charges

Irish Water has maintained the previous water charge rates of each Local Authority which were applied on 31 December 2013. However, there are significant differences in charges across the 31 Local Authorities. Customers with similar water services can pay very different amounts depending on their location which is unfair and must be addressed. For more information, view our Water Charges Plan.

What changes can you expect?

We are working with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) to propose a new framework which will standardise charges nationwide. The proposal will reflect six key principles:

  1. Equity and no undue discrimination: charges should be equitable and not unduly discriminate between customers
  2. Efficiency in the use of water services: charges should incentivise the efficient use of water services
  3. Cost reflectivity: charges should be reflective of the costs of providing water services
  4. Cost recovery: charges should allow for the recovery of efficiently incurred costs of providing water services
  5. Stability: charges should be designed to ensure customer bill volatility is kept to a minimum
  6. Simplicity: charges should be clear, transparent and easy to understand

For more information, view our Changes to Business Charges booklet.

You can have your say

The CRU is holding public consultations on this proposed new framework in 2018 and we encourage you and your representative organisations to participate in this process. They will then assess all feedback and make a decision on business charges, which we will implement in 2019.

Visit the CRU website for more information. 

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