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Reclassifying your premises from Non-Domestic to Domestic

The Premise Reclassification application form can be used if you believe your premises is incorrectly classified by Uisce Éireann as being non-domestic or mixed-use premises.

Premises that are occupied by a person or people as a private residence are called dwellings. Dwellings should be classified as domestic premises. However, sometimes, a premises might be misclassified in our data.

If you believe that your premises is a dwelling but is currently being classified as a non-domestic or mixed-use premises, you should let us know by completing the application form below.

The primary reasons for reclassification are the cessation of non-domestic activity at the premises or if non-domestic activity has never occurred at the property.

Once a review has been completed on the details provided in the form along with the evidence required, a decision will be made on your reclassification request.

Glossary of industry terms

Definitions of some of the terms we use can be found below:


the property where Uisce Éireann are providing water services.


A premises occupied by a person as their place of private residence (whether or not it is their principal private residence) and where Non-Domestic activity is not undertaken.

Private residence

A premises where the occupiers live and have the right to exclude others

Non-domestic premises

Any premises where Non-Domestic activity is undertaken and is not also used as a Dwelling.

Mixed Use

Any premises that is used as both a Dwelling and where Non-Domestic activity is undertaken on the same water supply.