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Business charges

Uisce Éireann manages all aspects of business water accounts including billing for water services.

Important note on new charges

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) has opened a consultation on non-domestic tariffs. A new set of national water and wastewater business charges will come into effect on the 1st October 2024.

Why are new charges being consulted on?

Since 1st October 2021, Uisce Éireann charges non-domestic customers in line with the Non-Domestic Tariff Framework (NDTF) as approved by the CRU.

The NDTF introduced harmonised charging arrangements for the supply of water to non-domestic premises and for removing wastewater from those premises. The CRU’s 2019 decision provided for enduring tariff levels to remain unchanged throughout the 3 year (or 2 years in the case of public Group Water Schemes) transition period concluding on 30th September 2024.

The CRU’s 2019 decision also provided for Uisce Éireann to maintain the existing Local Authority (LA) trade effluent charging arrangements for an interim period until a new trade effluent charging framework is approved by the CRU.

As the current tariffs will expire on the 30th September 2024, Uisce Éireann has submitted proposals to CRU to update to the current framework which includes for the first time the introduction of harmonised national trade effluent tariffs. The CRU opened a public consultation on the 21 December, which is planned to run for 8 weeks. Following the consultation, the CRU will make a final decision on the non-domestic tariffs to apply from 1st October 2024 until 30th September 2025 and the trade effluent tariff design. Trade effluent tariffs will not come into effect on 1st October 2024.

For further information on UÉ’s proposals and to have your say please visit the CRU’s website:

Who will be affected by the new charges?

The new business charges when agreed will apply to both business customers and mixed-use customers who use water services for both business and domestic purposes including public Group Water Schemes. For more information on group water schemes.

A fair charging framework

Uisce Éireann welcomed CRU’s 2019 decision which sets out a national set of charges that will be transparent, cost reflective, and equitable for all businesses countrywide.

That framework introduced:

  • National charges as opposed to individual Local Authority charges
  • Charges which reflect the actual costs of providing water services to the business sector
  • Transitional arrangements to ensure bill changes are implemented fairly and with time to plan ahead
  • Four separate tariff classes for metered connections: Bands 1 – 4

Uisce Éireann proposals to update the current framework and harmonise trade effluent charges again sets out what we believe is a fair approach to a tariff framework.

For further information on current charges please see links and table below

Current tariff classes and rates

Tariff Class

Annual Consumption (m³)

Band 1 Less than 1,000m³
Band 2 Between 1,000m³ and 19,999m³
Band 3 Between 20,000 and 249,999m³
Band 4 Equal to or greater than 250,000m³

Current metered enduring tariff rates

 Water Service Charges Wastewater Service Charges Combined Service Charges 
Metered Tariffs

Standing Charge (€/year)

Volumetric Charge (€/m³)

Standing Charge (€/year)

Volumetric Charge (€/m³)

Standing Charge (€/year)

Volumetric Charge (€/m³)

Band 1 Class (<1,000m³) 43.76 1.87 44.81 1.92 88.57 3.79
Band 2 Class (1,000m³ - 19,999m³)


1.30 135.79 1.82 249.10 3.12
Band 3 Class (20,000m³ - 249,999m³ ) 1,872.98 1.21 1,969.50 1.81 3,842.48 3.02
Band 4 Class (>250,000m³) 21,771.46 1.05 25,266.78 1.75 47,038.24 2.80

Current Unmetered Tariffs


Water Service Charges

Wastewater Service Charges

Combined Service Charges

Unmetered Tariffs


(€/year) (€/year)

Band 1*

260.35 243.14 503.49
Band 2 1,413.31 1955.79 3,369.10
* 99% of unmetered customers will fall into Band 1, for more information please see our FAQs below


The application of VAT and the timing of its introduction is a matter for the Government. Water supply and wastewater collection services are currently exempt from VAT with the exception of Tankered Waste, Sludge, and Leachate.

Annual Annual Quantity for Non-Domestic Customers

An Annual Quantity (AQ) will be calculated once a year for every non-domestic metered connection

Business Charges

The annual Domestic Allowance is 213,000 litres (213m³) as of 1st October 2021.

Check your bill. If you are in receipt of a Domestic Allowance this will be shown as a credit line item separate to your charges.

Eligibility for a Domestic Allowance depends on whether your premise is categorised as Mixed Use  and whether your premises is metered – See here for further details on customer categorisation.

Yes, a Domestic Allowance only applies to metered Mixed Use Customers.

If your premise is categorised as mixed use and it is metered, please call our Business Team on 0818 778 778 / International +353 1 707 2827.

No, this new allowance of 213,000 litres (213m³) will automatically apply from 1st October 2021. However, if your premise has been re-categorised from Mixed Use to Non Domestic then you will no longer be eligible for a Domestic Allowance.