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Annual Quantity

Annual Quantity for Non-Domestic Customers

An Annual Quantity (AQ) will be calculated once a year for every non-domestic metered connection. The AQ calculates the volume of water supplied and/or wastewater collected over a prior 12 month period. The AQ assigns each metered connection to a tariff class for the following tariff year and determines the corresponding tariffs which that connection will be charged. For example a metered connection with an AQ below 1,000m3 availing of water supply only services will be assigned to band 1 and charged a standing charge of €43.76 and volumetric rate of €1.87/m3.

Tariff classes are differentiated by AQ as per table below. Letters will issue to all customers annually advising of their AQ and the tariff band that will be applied at the start of each new water year 1st October.

Annual QuantityTariff Class
<1,000m³Band 1
1,000m³ - 19,999m³Band 2
20,000m³ - 249,999m³Band 3
<250,000m³Band 4

Tariff Class boundaries

Customers can query their AQ and assigned tariff class if they feel it doesn't represent their usage for the year ahead by emailing or by contacting 0818 778 778.  We also have an application form available to download below.

Determining AQ for new customers

If a Non-Domestic Customer moves out of a premises, the Non-Domestic Customer that moves in will be assigned the same AQ and tariff class as the former occupier.


Determining AQ for new connections to the network

In the case of a new connection to the network, Uisce Éireann will not have historic meter reads to rely on to determine an AQ or to assign that connection to a tariff class. Uisce Éireann will therefore determine the AQ and associated tariff class for new connections to the Network as follows:

  • Taking the example of a new  new connection to the water network Uisce Éireann will multiply the projected Average Daily Usage (ADU) at that new connection by 365 (days) to estimate the connection's AQ in the coming year. The estimated AQ will determine which Tariff Class the new Connection is assigned to.
  • New connections are obliged to provide details of the projected ADU when requesting to join the network via the application form as set out in the Connection Charges Policy.