Important note on new charges

Following  deferral  of  the  original  implementation  date  of  1  May  2020,  the Commission  for  Regulation  of  Utilities  (CRU)  announced  a  revised  date  of 1 October 2021 for  the  new  set  of  national  water  and  wastewater  business charges to come into effect.

Your current water rates & charges

Irish Water has maintained the previous water charge rates of each Local Authority which were applied on 31 December 2013. Enter the name of your Local Authority in the search box below to view your current water charges.


The application of VAT and the timing of its introduction is a matter for the Government. Water supply and wastewater collection services are currently exempt from VAT with the following exceptions:

  • Tankered Waste
  • Sludge
  • Leachate

Creating a fair charging framework

There are currently over 44 different business charging regimes with over 500 different price levels across the country. As a result, customers with similar water services pay very different amounts depending on their location. The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) held a final consultation on its proposed decision on future water tariffs for business customers. This consultation is now closed and a final decision on the charges was published on 3 July 2019. Irish Water welcomes the final decision which sets out a national set of charges that will be transparent, cost-reflective, and equitable for all businesses countrywide.

The decision covers:

  1. The design of the new price structure
  2. review of the costs of serving the business community
  3. How it is planned to gradually transition business customers to the new framework over time

Key changes published

  1. National Charges as opposed to individual Local Authority charges
  2. Charges which reflect the actual costs of providing water services to the business sector
  3. Increases or decreases in charges for business customers depending on current charges
  4. Transitional arrangements to ensure bill changes are implemented fairly and with time to plan ahead
  5. Four separate tariff classes for metered connections: Bands 1 - 4

Who is affected

The new business charges will apply to both business customers and mixed-use customers who use water services for both business and domestic purposes.

How will the changes be managed?

Transitioning customers - changes don’t come into effect until 1 October 2021

  • Irish Water to apply the new enduring tariffs to customers whose annual bill is expected to decrease or increase by no more than €250 from 1 October 2021
  • For customers that are estimated to face an increase of between €250 and €750 in their annual bill, Irish Water will transition these connections to their enduring tariffs over three years from 1 October 2021
  • For customers that are estimated to face an increase of €750 or greater in their annual bill, Irish Water is to automatically apply a 10% cap to the annual increase over three years starting from 1 October 2021. Customers can opt-out of receiving this cap​
New Tariff Classes & Tariff Rates
Tariff Class Annual Consumption (m³)
Band 1 Less than 1,000m³
Band 2 Between 1,000m³ and 19,999m³
Band 3 Between 20,000 and 249,999m³
Band 4 Equal to or greater than 250,000m³
The new metered enduring tariff rates are as follows:
  Water Service Charges Wastewater Service Charges Combined Service Charges
Metered Tariffs Standing Charge (€/year) Volumetric Charge (€/m³) Standing Charge (€/year) Volumetric Charge (€/m³) Standing Charge (€/year) Volumetric Charge (€/m³)
Band 1 Class (<1,000m³) 43.76 1.87 44.81 1.92 88.57 3.79
Band 2 Class (1,000m³ - 19,999m³) 113.31 1.30 135.79 1.82 249.10 3.12
Band 3 Class (20,000m³ - 249,999m³ ) 1,872.98 1.21 1,969.50 1.81 3,842.48 3.02
Band 4 Class (>250,000m³) 21,771.46 1.05 25,266.78 1.75 47,038.24 2.80
  Water Service Charges Wastewater Service Charges Combined Service Charges
Unmetered Tariffs (€/year) (€/year) (€/year)
**Band 1 260.35 243.14 503.49
Band 2 1,413.31 1,955.79 3,369.10
** 99% of unmetered customers will fall into Band 1. For more information please see our FAQs below.

Use our Business Tariff Calculator to estimate what your new bill could be.

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Tariff Application Rules Decision

The Tariff Applications Rules Decision, published by the CRU on 13 July, confirms an approach to tariff policy issues not covered by the CRU’s Framework decision, but which need to be addressed before it takes effect.

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Legacy Charging Arrangements

The new tariffs will apply to all Irish Water’s business customers. A small number of business customers may have a legacy charging arrangement with their Local Authority (or water service authority). If you think that you have an existing arrangement that contains terms and tariffs that are different to the new tariffs, and you’d like Irish Water to review that arrangement, please follow the link below.

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Find out more about charges

Yes, the CRU published a final decision on 3 July 2019 on how business customers should be charged in the future. The new charges will come into effect from 1 October 2021 and will see all customers transition to a new national set of charges. To review the final decision paper, visit

There are currently over 44 different charging regimes across the country with different price structures and over 500 different price levels. Therefore, customers with similar water services currently pay very different amounts depending on their location. The CRU requested that we submit a proposal for a new business charges framework that reflects a more harmonised suite of charges for business water and wastewater customers. Following a number of public consultations the CRU have published a new set of national charges.

The new tariff structure and charges will apply to business customers and mixed use customers. Mixed use customers are customers whose premise is used for both business and domestic purposes.

The new charges will come in to effect on 1 October 2021. We will communicate directly with all business customers throughout the second half of 2020 and early 2021 on the changes.

Based on the CRU's final decision our analysis indicates that 83% of customers will see their annual bill decrease, stay the same, or increase by less than €250. To get an idea of what your future bills might be, please use our business tariff calculator.

Yes, we will communicate directly with all our business and mixed use customers before we introduce the new charges on 1st May 2021.

If you are an unmetered connection, your tariff will be made up of a fixed charge in € / year. The tariff you pay will depend on whether you receive a water service, a wastewater service or both. The vast majority (99.9%) of all unmetered connections will pay the ‘Band 1 Unmetered’ tariff, however, for those unmetered connections that are currently charged a high unmetered tariff (that would indicate that their volume is commensurate with connections within the Band 2 metered customer class), Irish Water will meter these connections as a matter of priority. Where it is infeasible or uneconomic to meter a ‘Band 2’ unmetered property, Irish Water will apply the ‘Band 2 Unmetered’ tariff.

Yes, the final decision on new tariffs includes a transition path for customers whose annual bill increases by more than €250. It is proposed that customers with increases of between €250 and €750 will gradually move to the new charges over a three year period. Where a customer faces an annual bill increase of €750 or greater, a 10% cap will apply to their annual bill over the three years. Post the three years, the CRU will likely consult on how businesses then move to new or enduring tariff rates.

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