Water Restrictions and Supply Updates

Keep up to date on the latest water supply restrictions and areas impacted by recent drought conditions

Water restriction notices

The table below shows the areas with water restrictions currently in place. Please conserve water wherever possible. For more information and advice on how to conserve, visit our Water Conservation page.


Restriction Times
Inis Oirr
9pm - 8.30am


Restriction Times
11pm - 6am


Restriction Times

Water Treatment Plant drought map

View our map to find out the Water Treatment Plants across Ireland that are currently in drought status.

View drought map

News updates per region

  • 1 supply in drought
    • Ballyboden water treatment plant
  • 1 supply in drought
    • Carron Abstraction (Termon Spring)
  • 1 supply in drought
    • Roberts Cove
  • 2 supplies in extreme drought
    • An Baile Mór
    • Baile na bhFionn Úrach
  • 5 Supplies in drought
    • Mid Kerry 
    • An Riasc
    • Aughacasla
    • Ballintermon
    • Leatoibh
  • 4 supplies in drought
    • Foileen (Cappamore)
    • Croom Bypass
    • Skagh Wells
    • Oola
  • Night time restrictions in place (11pm - 6am)
    • Oola
  • 1 supply in drought
    • Commons Pump Stations
  • Night time restrictions in place (10pm-7am)
    • Commons Water supply (Ballingarry, Boulea, Black Common, Rocky Road and surrounding areas)
  • 1 supply in drought
    • Ballyrohan Pump Station
  • 1 supply in drought and night time restrictions in place (9pm - 8.30am)
    • Inis Oir


Please conserve water

While handwashing remains a priority, even small water savings in your home can make a big difference. We urgently need your help to conserve water at this time by turning off your garden sprinklers, not using your garden hose, taking shorter showers and turning off taps when shaving or brushing your teeth. By working together we can help conserve water for essential health and hygiene use, and prevent water restrictions.

Find out ways to conserve

Please conserve water

Report any leaks you see on the public network

As well as conserving water where possible please report any leaks you see on the public water network and check for and repair any leaks at home and in your business.

Report a leak

Report any leaks you see on the public network

Vulnerable Customer Services

You can register yourself or someone you know for our Vulnerable Customer Services. Register online or sign up to receive text message supply updates. If you would prefer to speak to a member of our Customer Care team, please contact us on 1850 278 278. Rates charged for 1850 numbers may vary. Calls from mobiles may be more expensive.

Register online or find out more

Vulnerable Customer Services

​Business owners

If you run a business, you can also help ease demand on your local water supply. If you have employees, encourage them to suggest ways to save water in the workplace and fix any leaks or bursts as soon as possible. Remember, reducing your overall usage will also help to reduce your water bills too.

Find out ways to conserve in your business

​Business owners

How Irish Water protects and manages Ireland's water supplies

During shortages and periods of drought, our Drought Management Team meet daily to assess and monitor demand on water supplies nationwide and determine the necessary measures to protect the supply for the months ahead. We work hard to ensure you have continued water supply through the following ways.​

Managing and repairing the network

During shortages we change how we pump our water around the network. This is so customers on higher ground and on the edges of our networks do not suffer reduced service.

Reconfiguring the network

On larger supplies, we can change the water flows through our pipes to make sure people continue to have a water supply.

Tanker water to drought areas

If a supply is so low that we cannot keep producing water, we bring treated water from another area that is less at risk.

Water Conservation Order

In unique circumstances, a water conservation order, or hosepipe ban, is introduced but only if absolutely necessary. This is to ensure people are using water for essential purposes only. 

National Leakage Reduction Programme

Through our national Leakage Reduction Programme, we are reducing the amount of treated water lost through leakage across the country. For more information, visit our Leakage Reduction Programme page. 

Increase leak detection and repair crews

We also increase leak detection and repair crews in affected areas during a water restriction period to provide emergency support over and above our normal operational crews. These leaks can be in the public water infrastructure or in private homes and businesses. 

Finding and fixing leaks in homes and businesses

During water shortages, we encourage home and business owners to check and fix leaks on their properties. If you are a home owner and think you may have a leak on your property, you may qualify for a free leak investigation and repair via our First Fix Free Scheme.

What causes water shortages and restrictions?

A short spell of dry weather does not cause drought or water shortages. We need regular rainfall throughout the year, especially during winter, to build up our water supplies. Find out about water restrictions and how Irish Water works to conserve, protect and manage your supply.

Water shortages & restrictions

What causes water shortages and restrictions?
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