Domestic account

Information for selling your home, vulnerable customers, setting up an Irish Water account and household water conservation charges

Vulnerable customers

We understand that some of our customers have different needs when it comes to using our water services and communicating with us. We're here to help.

Safe safe

Irish Water staff and contractors are trained to identify themselves when they call to homes and businesses. See our tips on how to check the ID of Irish Water staff and contractors.

Register or update your account

It is a good idea to register for an online account with us. Keeping your account up to date means we can contact you about any outages or issues in your area.

Selling a home

Find out about water responsibilities when selling a home.

Water charge refunds

Learn about the Irish Water domestic water charge refund process, including information for tenants.

Household Water Conservation Charge

Excess use charges are intended to promote conservation and personal responsibility for water use.