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No water or low pressure

There are a number of reasons why you may experience no water or very low pressure to your property.

The tips below can help you find out why you have low water pressure or no water.

No water or very low pressure

Uisce Éireann engineering works

Works in your area

During planned works you may experience a disruption to your water supply. To check if there are works taking place in your area, visit our Water Supply Updates page or visit Twitter at @IWCare.

Man gardening in his garden

Check with neighbours

Check with your neighbours to see if they are also experiencing issues. If they are, there may an issue with the public water mains. If not, it is likely there is an issue with your internal pipework.

Turning on kitchen tap

No water from cold kitchen tap

If there are no works taking place and you have no water coming from the cold water tap in your kitchen sink, there may be an issue with the public water mains in your area such as a burst pipe affecting your water supply. Call 1800 278 278 and we will investigate.

Tap running

No water from kitchen hot tap

​If the cold water tap in your kitchen sink is working but the hot water tap and/or the taps in your bathroom sink are not, then you may have an airlock in your internal plumbing. If this is the case please visit our Airlockspage. If after repeating these steps a number of times and you still have no water, you will need to call a plumber.

Pipes cracking due to changing temperatures

Frozen pipes or burst pipes

When the outside temperature drops below zero, unprotected pipes and dripping taps can freeze and crack affecting the water supply to your property.