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Burtonport Sewerage Scheme

Wastewater Project

Uisce Éireann has completed works on the Sewerage Scheme in Burtonport, Co. Donegal, ending the discharge of untreated wastewater into Rutland Sound.

Uisce Éireann, working in partnership with Donegal County Council has successfully completed works on the Burtonport Sewerage Scheme.

The newly constructed wastewater treatment plant has ended the discharge of raw sewage into Rutland Sound. The completed scheme will put an end to the discharge of approximately 160 wheelie bins of untreated sewage into the sea per day. It will also improve water quality and increase the capacity of the sewer network.


What are the benefits of this project?

The completed project will now:

  • Provide better health and integrity of the environment.
  • Improve water quality in the receiving waters.
  • Enhance local amenities and a platform for social and economic development.
  • New infrastructure sized to accommodate future population growth

What was involved as part of this project?

The completed project included the following works:

  • A new sewer to connect the existing sewer network to a new wastewater pumping station.
  • Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant which will serve a population equivalent of approximately 300.
  • Construction of a new wastewater pumping station and 230m of new rising main to transport untreated wastewater to a new wastewater treatment plant.
  • Connection to the existing outfall pipe to safely discharge treated wastewater into marine waters.

More information

We’re working to eliminate raw sewage discharge across Ireland. Please visit the Dedicated Project webpages.