Kilkee Sewerage Scheme

Wastewater Project

Irish Water is working to end the unacceptable practice of untreated wastewater being discharged to Intrinsic Bay near Kilkee.

Irish Water plans to deliver a new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTP) and associated works for Kilkee stopping the discharge of raw sewage.

In Progress


  • Improved water quality in the receiving waters at Intrinsic Bay in compliance with national and EU regulations relating to the treatment of wastewater
  • Enhanced environmental amenity of Kilkee
  • Protection of recreational swimming, fishing, boating and sightseeing waters
  • Provision for social and economic development and future growth within the Kilkee area


  • A new Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • An upgraded pumping station
  • New rising main to transfer treated wastewater to existing outfall
  • Testing and commissioning of the works

Works Completed and Next Steps

  • The existing Victoria Pumping Station has undergone significant upgrade works including the installation of new pumps and associated equipment
  • Further works at the station are ongoing which will improve the security of the energy supply to nearby housing development
  • The upgraded Victoria Pumping Station electrical equipment has been sized to accommodate the new wastewater pumping station and accommodate future population growth in the local area
  • This project is currently in the design and pre-planning stage, with an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) required for the site
  • We will maintain contact with the community in Kilkee in advance of and throughout the works

More information

For further information you can contact the Project Team at