Foreshore Licence Application

The Foreshore Licence Application (Ref: FS006657) and associated maps, reports and plans are available to view below:

Application Form

Appendix 1 – Description of Works

Appendix 2 – Foreshore Licence Maps:

Appendix 3 – British Admiralty Charts

Appendix 4 – Existing Licences (EPA Wastewater Discharge Licences and existing Foreshore Licences)

Appendix 5 – Cultural Heritage Report

Appendix 6 – IW Sign Off Sheet & Environmental Reports

Appendix 7 – Estuary Crossing Feasibility Report

Appendix 8 - EIS Volume III and ABP Inspectors Report

Appendix 9 – Uisce Éireann Company Documentation

Appendix 10 – Affected Folios

The Foreshore Licence Application and associated documents are also available to view here