Foreshore Licence Application

Uisce Éireann was granted a foreshore licence by the Minister of Housing Planning and Local Government, for the Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTP). The licence enables the project team to progress with the construction of the outfall pipe in the bay and the intake pipe crossing the Avoca River.

To view the Foreshore Licence Application (Ref: FS 006862) and associated maps, reports and plans, please visit the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

Appendix A

Foreshore Lease License Maps

Appendix B

Admiralty Chart

Appendix C


Appendix D Consultation

Information sent to Foreshore Consultees

Wicklow County Council

Appendix E

Other Consents

Appendix F

Company Details

Appendix G - EIA Report

EIA Volume 1 - NTS

EIAR Volume 2 - EIAR

EIAR Volume 3 - Figures

EIAR Volume 4 - Appendices

Appendix 1.1 - EIA Team Competencies.pdf152.6KB Appendix 1.2 - Scoping Response Table.pdf229.3KB Appendix 3.1 - Site Selection Report.pdf26.9MB Appendix 3.2 - Interceptor Sewer Route Options Report.pdf16.6MB Appendix 5.2 Estimated Construction Programme.pdf1.0MB Appendix 5.3 - Asbestos Survey Report.pdf5.6MB Appendix 11.1 - pNHA Site Synopses.pdf24.1KB Appendix 11.2 - Management plant species.pdf132.5KB Appendix 11.3 - Waterbirds.pdf72.0KB Appendix 11.4 - Bat Survey Report .pdf2.1MB Appendix 11.5 Marine Mammals.pdf645.3KB Appendix 11.6 Aquatic Ecology.pdf1.0MB Appendix 11.7 - Bat Derogation Licence.pdf667.5KB Appendix 12.1 - Marine Archaeological Geophysical Survey Report.pdf8.7MB Appendix 12.2 - Marine Dive Survey Report.pdf8.6MB Appendix 12.3 - Recorded Monuments.pdf46.2KB Appendix 12.4 - Stray finds.pdf124.8KB Appendix 12.5 - Protected Structures and NIAH.pdf411.8KB Appendix 12.6 - Leg Framework (Archaeology).pdf138.6KB Appendix 12.7 - Leg. Framework (Architecture).pdf153.7KB Appendix 12.8 - IA and CH Resource.pdf132.1KB Appendix 12.9 Mit Measures and the Cultural Heritage Resource.pdf118.6KB Appendix 13.1 Photomontages.pdf20.7MB Appendix 13.2 Tree Survey Report.pdf2.0MB Appendix 13.3 Tree Survey Drawing.pdf856.6KB Appendix 14.1 Preliminary Site Assessment.pdf18.7MB Appendix 14.2 Detailed Site Assessment_Trimmed.pdf13.8MB Appendix 14.3 Marine Outfall Site Investigation.pdf40.3MB Appendix 14.4 Geophysical Survey.pdf627.3KB Appendix 14.5 Ground Investigation.pdf52.4MB Appendix 14.6 Report on the Geophysical Investigation.pdf8.3MB Appendix 14.7 Conceptual Site Model.pdf3.3MB Appendix 14.8 Alps Site - Ground Investigation.pdf3.9MB Appendix 15.1 Baseline Water Quality.pdf360.7KB Appendix 15.2 Outfall Study.pdf3.0MB Appendix 15.3 Hydraulic Assessment of Sewers.pdf3.3MB Appendix 15.4 Sewer Network Flood Risk Assessment.pdf2.0MB Appendix 15.5 Coastal Processes Report.pdf9.0MB Appendix 15.6 Wastewater Treatment Flood Risk Assessment.pdf7.6MB Appendix 16.1 Resource and Waste Policy and Legislation Review.pdf489.6KB Appendix 16.2 Case Study Authorised Waste Facility.pdf281.9KB Updated Appendix 5.1 Outline CEMP.pdf820.8KB

Appendix H


Foreshore Application Form

Foreshore Application Form and Cover Letter