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Work underway to address historic under-investment at sites referenced in EPA Bathing Water Report

This report on water quality monitored during the 2014 Bathing Water Season, reflects the issues which can contaminate beach areas. Find the details here.

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12 May 2021

Works progressing on the Kilcummin Sewerage Scheme

The scheme will provide a new sewer collection system for Kilcummin village

  • Works will ensure wastewater is treated appropriately
  • Scheme will ensure compliance with wastewater discharge regulations
  • Works on the project are expected to commence late in 2022

12 May 2021

Works underway to restore water supply to Monivea Road customers

This is due to a burst water main

  • Emergency repair works are underway
  • Works are set to finish at 4pm this afternoon
  • Traffic management measures will be in place during works

12 May 2021

Intermittent low pressure in parts of Sutton until Friday

Sutton Lawns, Sutton Park and surrounding areas may be impacted

  • This is due to Howth Water Supply Scheme works
  • There may be low water pressure from 2pm to 9pm daily
  • It may take 1-2 hours for normal water supply to be restored following works

10 May 2021

Boil Water Notice lifted for customers between Golden and Thomastown

Notice remains in place from Thomastown to Kilfeackle

  • This follows consultation with the HSE
  • The notice has been lifted for approximately 70 properties
  • Works are underway to remove the notice for all remaining properties

10 May 2021

Upgrades to improve water supply and reduce leakage in Knockdrin

Approximately 1.3km of old and problematic water mains will be replaced 

  • Traffic management will be in place for the duration of works
  • A number of necessary, short-term water outages are also required
  • Outages are scheduled to take place weekly for the next 6 weeks

7 May 2021

Works progress to improve Listowel water supply

We are replacing over 320 metres of problematic water mains on Church Street

  • Works will commence in mid-May 
  • Works may result in some short-term water shut offs
  • Traffic management measures will be in place

6 May 2021

Howth Water Supply Scheme works nearing completion

Works will improve the security of the drinking water supply for the area

  • Further works are required at the reservoir site
  • Works are due to take place from 10 - 15 May
  • Some customers in the Howth area may experience disruptions 

5 May 2021

Upgrades to improve water supply and reduce leakage in Louth

Almost 300 metres of old problematic water mains were replaced 

  • Works took place along Quay Street
  • Works were part of our Leakage Reduction Programme
  • The community now have a more reliable supply of water 

5 May 2021

Small Towns and Villages Growth Programme given the green-light

Thirteen Wastewater Treatment Plants have been selected for upgrade 

  • Works will ensure that suitable infrastructure is in place for growth
  • Upgrades will provide additional capacity for the development of new homes
  • Details of other villages to be included will be announced in the coming months

30 April 2021

Gowna and Granard water supplies removed from the EPA’s remedial action list

An additional 6,000 people have been removed from the list

  • This follows an upgrade of both Water Treatment Plants
  • These upgrades will improve drinking water quality 
  • Works have also improved the plant’s performance

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