The First Fix Free scheme aims to help reduce the amount of water wasted through leaks on customers' properties. Irish Water estimates that nearly *150 million litres of water per day have been saved as a result of this scheme to the end of Q2 2019.

If we have contacted you about a suspected leak on your external water supply pipe you may qualify for the scheme. It offers:

  1. A free investigation if your water meter has indicated a possible leak on your external supply pipe.
  2. A free repair of the leak if one is identified on the external supply pipe.

The diagram shows where the external water supply pipe is located on customer properties.

*First Fix Leak Repair Scheme For Domestic Water Customers Quarterly Report - Q2, 2019.

Who is eligible for the First Fix Free scheme?

You are eligible for the First Fix Free scheme if you are a domestic customer with:

  • A confirmed leak on your external supply pipe
  • A water meter installed on your property
  • Are registered with Irish Water
  • Have a working and accessible inside stop valve

Register online for the First Fix Free scheme

Who is eligible for the First Fix Free scheme?

First Fix Free Process

Register online for the First Fix Free scheme

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Checking and repairing water leaks in your home

There are four simple checks you can do to see if you have any internal plumbing issues in your home.

If you find a water leak inside your home, and not on the external supply pipe, you will need to arrange your own repair. As with any home maintenance you are responsible for the pipes on your property and inside your home. Irish Water is responsible for all pipes on the public side.

Typical water supply layout for a home with a water meter

A = public water main
B = water meter and outside stop valve
C = external supply pipe
D = internal supply pipe
E = inside stop valve
F = over flow pipe

What our customers are saying about First Fix Free:

Excellent, speedy service. Exceeded the call of duty. Crew fixing my leak outside the front door were mannerly, efficient and thorough. Irish public service has grown up.

Eoin, Dublin

Extremely helpful & friendly. Very happy with the experience and outcome.

Rachel, Kildare

All the staff were courteous and professional. The work was completed with minimum disruption to the garden paving. It was checked in the days following completion for any leaks. A thoroughly professional job.

Jim, Limerick

Complete our four simple checks to see if you may have an internal plumbing issue in your home

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