Tá leaganacha Gaeilge dona foirmeacha fiosriúchán réamh-cheangal, chomh maith leis an bhfoirm iarratais féin ar fáil. Má theastaíonn ceachtar dona foirmeacha uait, ní mór ríomhphost a sheoladh chuig newconnections@water.ie.

Freedom of Information Act

Irish Water is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 (“FOIA”) and the codes of practice issued under FOIA as may be amended, updated or replaced from time to time. The FOIA enables members of the public to obtain access to records held by public bodies subject to certain exemptions such as where the requested records may not be released, for example to protect another individual’s privacy rights or to protect commercially sensitive information. Please clearly label any document or part thereof which contains commercially sensitive information. Irish Water accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage arising as a result of its processing of freedom of information requests.

Services for developers

We offer a range of resources and support material for developers, including design vetting and construction phases.​

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Questions about connections?

If you have a query about an application you have submitted, or need more information before you apply, please complete the Connections General Contact Form.

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