These Standard Details have been developed to provide guidance to developers in the provision of water supply and wastewater collection infrastructure that is to be installed in developments and that will be connected to Irish Water’s networks and subsequently vested in Irish Water.

The Standard Details will provide the basis for developers’ detailed design proposals for water and wastewater infrastructure, leading to the provision of infrastructure that is suitable for connection to Irish Water’s networks and easy operation and maintenance of the new infrastructure. For Assets which will require adoption, any alteration to the Standard Details must be submitted and discussed with the Irish Water Connections and Developer Services Regional Teams and a Design Risk Assessment must accompany the proposal.

There are two sets of Standard Details. One set relates to water infrastructure and the second set relates to wastewater infrastructure. These are documents IW-CDS-5020-01 and IW-CDS-5030-01 respectively. 

Each set of Standard Details is accompanied by a Design Risk Assessment (DRA) (document number IW-CDS-5020-02 and IW-CDS-5030-02), which outline the residual health and safety responsibilities of developers and their designers/contractors in the provision of such infrastructure.

Where a developer is providing water supply and wastewater collection infrastructure which will ultimately be adopted or vested by Irish Water, the use of the Standard Details is mandatory in all new Irish Water Connection Agreement Offers issued after 6th June 2016.

The Standard Details are based on best practice within the water industry and it is the preference of Irish Water that they are adhered to. However, if a developer feels that he/she has significantly advanced a design and would incur expense by altering the designs to cater for these Standard Details, then an exemption application should be made to the Irish Water Connections and Developer Services Regional Teams for an exemption on the use of the Standard Details.

A person seeking an exemption should download and complete an Exemption Application Form and return it to the Connections and Developer Services Team via email at, who will consider the application.

The exemption on the use of Standard Details only applied where approval was obtained from the Regional Connections and Developer Services Team up until 7 October 2016 and is no longer available except in exceptional circumstances. 

The Standard Details are based on best practice within the water industry. They take account of the experience of Local Authorities in the provision of these services to new developments. They have been successfully used by Irish Water’s own internal functions for a variety of projects and they are in line with water utility industry norms

If you have a query in respect of a Standard Detail, please send your query to and a member of the technical team will respond to you directly.

The proposal is to rollout Codes of Practice for Water and Wastewater during Summer 2016. These Codes of Practice will provide specifications for materials, workmanship, etc. for the water and wastewater infrastructure within new developments. The Codes of Practice will support the Standard Details.

The restrictions that are shown at present apply to situations where no protective measures are taken to prevent root ingress of the water services infrastructure. Designers should consider the impact of root growth where water service infrastructure is located adjacent to trees and shrubs. Irish Water intends to provide details in future for protection measures of water services infrastructure which would allow a reduction of the separation distances indicated.

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