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Developer Services

Connection and Developer Services (CDS) offer a wide range of resources and support material for Developers, providing a helping hand through the entire connection process, from Pre-Connection Enquiry and Connection Application right through to the Construction and Quality Assurance stages.

Making the Connection

Uisce Éireann or an agent acting on our behalf must make your connection into the public network. No other entity is permitted to complete the connection works.


Developer Hub

Here you will find information about new policy and process changes, which will improve and enhance your connection experience.

Guide to Connect

We have compiled a Guide to Connect booklet to explain how developers can get their developments connected to the Uisce Éireann network.

Technical Guidance

The Standard Details and Codes of Practice outline Uisce Éireann's requirements and provide technical guidance for developers in the provision of water and/or wastewater infrastructure that is to be installed in developments and that will be connected to the water and/or wastewater networks.

On-Site Guidance

This library of documents provides guidance for those involved in the construction of new developments which are connecting to the Uisce Éireann network.

Self Lay in the Public Road

Uisce Éireann is delivering a pilot project that is facilitating Self-Lay of water services infrastructure in public roads by developers on behalf of Uisce Éireann. Self Lay in the Public Road.

Experience Based Accreditation Scheme

Find out about our Experience Based Accreditation Scheme to carry out Self-Lay in public roads. View the list of accredited contractors and apply to join the scheme.

Diversion and Build-Over Enquiry

If you are considering a development proposal which requires the diversion/build over of Uisce Éireanns networks, please click below to navigate to the Diversions/Build Over page where you will find the required information and details of how to make an enquiry/application.

Pipe Responsibilities

It is important to understand the water and wastewater infrastructure owned by Uisce Éireann and the water and wastewater infrastructure which will remain private in the future.

Capacity Registers

Uisce Éireann are publishing water supply and wastewater treatment registers to provide an indication of available capacity at our treatment plants.

Strategic Housing Developments

The Planning and Development (Strategic Housing Development) Regulations 2017 allows for certain types of planning applications to be made direct to An Bord Pleanála. These are referred to as Strategic Housing Development (SHD).

Uisce Éireann - Supporting Housing

We are committed to playing our part in the national drive to provide homes to people who need them by developing and prioritising delivery of key water service infrastructure and connections. Our aim is to engage, facilitate and support development.

Developer Processes

There are three key processes which you will need to follow when getting a development connected to the Uisce Éireann network.

Developer FAQs

Check to see if there are answers to the questions you might have about how to connect your housing development to the Uisce Éireann Network.