Developer Services

Developer Processes

There are three key processes which you will need to follow when getting a development connected to the Irish Water network.

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Pipe Responsibility

It is important to understand the water and wastewater infrastructure owned by Irish Water and the water and wastewater infrastructure which will remain private in the future.

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Strategic Housing Development

Developers need to understand the SHD process and what is required from Irish Water to facilitate it.

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Technical Guidance

The Standard Details and Codes of Practice outline Irish Water’s requirements and provide technical guidance for developers in the provision of water and/or wastewater infrastructure that is to be installed in developments and that will be connected to the water and/or wastewater networks.

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Diversion and Build-Over Enquiry

If you are considering a development proposal, it is best practice to contact us in advance of designing your proposal to determine the location of public water services assets.

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Developer FAQs

Check to see if there are answers to the questions you might have about how to connect your housing development to the Irish Water Network.

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