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Pre-Connection Enquiry Phase

Pre-Connection Enquiry Phase

The earlier that you engage with us about a new or modified connection, the more likely it is that we will be in a position to meet your timelines. You are strongly advised to contact Uisce Éireann with a Pre-Connection Enquiry as early as possible in the project. Initial contact can be made before any application for planning permission has been made to the relevant Planning Authority.

Pre-Connection Enquiry

It is best to contact Uisce Éireann to confirm the feasibility of a connection before finalising the design of your proposed development and seeking planning permission.

Confirmation of Feasibility

After assessing your enquiry, Uisce Éireann will tell you if a connection is technically feasible. We will provide you with Confirmation of Feasibility which can be submitted with your planning application. Average timeline from submission of PCE to issuing of CoF is 16 weeks.

Design Vetting

This applies to housing developments only or where public infrastructure is to be Taken in Charge. Uisce Éireann can work with you to vet the design of local infrastructure ahead of you finalising your planning application.

Development of Planning Application

You are responsible for completing your Planning Application. It should include the Confirmation of Feasibility issued by Uisce Éireann and, where applicable, details of the local infrastructure as vetted including the Statement of Design Acceptance to the design from Uisce Éireann.

Start your Pre-Connection Enquiry

Uisce Éireann is responsible for water and wastewater connections to homes and businesses across Ireland.We are working in partnership with Local Authorities to make getting a water connection easier.