Water supply restored in Emly following burst

13 June 2023

Information below is relevant until further updates are provided here or on our Supply and Service Updates section.

Uisce Éireann and Tipperary County Council have successfully completed repairs following a water mains burst in Emly. 

The repairs were complex due to the location of the burst which was adjacent to a main railway line.

All customers should now have their water supply restored. However, in the event a customer is still without water, the customer should contact the Uisce Éireann’s customer care team on 1800 278 278. Crews will then investigate. 

Colin Cunningham, Operations Lead with Uisce Éireann, thanked customers for their patience while work was underway. 

We understand the inconvenience an outage can have on customers, and we appreciate their co-operation.”

Uisce Éireann’s customer care team is available to help 24/7 on 1800 278 278 and customers can also contact us on Twitter @IWCare with any queries. For further updates please see Uisce Éireann’s website.

Previous Updates

Uisce Éireann has identified a significant burst in the Emly area and is working with Tipperary County Council to restore water as quickly as possible to impacted customers. 

The repairs are complex due to the location of the burst, which is adjacent to a main railway line, and may take a number of days to complete.

Every effort is being made to reduce the impact on homes and businesses and restore normal water supply as quickly as possible. 

Crews have reconfigured parts of the network to maintain customers’ supplies where possible and tankering of water to the network from another scheme will get underway tomorrow to reduce the impact on customers.

Whilst every effort is being made to maintain supply to as many customers as possible, those in the following areas particularly at higher elevations may be impacted by reduced water pressure and/or water outages until works are completed: Emly, Knocklong Road, Hospital Road, Duncummin, Rodus, Glenbane and surrounding areas in County Tipperary. 

To support customers, Uisce Éireann has arranged alternative water supplies in key locations:

  • Emly GAA pitch
  • St. Ailbe’s Church, Emly 
  • Adajacent to the Thatch Bar, Emly
  • Glen Court housing estate, Emly

The following alternative water supplies are being deployed and will be available from approximately 7pm this evening (Friday).

  • Coolboy (Near railway line) 
  • Gortenn
  • Ballycurrane 
  • Bartoose

These supplies will remain in place until normal supply is returned to all customers. Customers are reminded to use their own containers when taking water from the tankers and to boil water before consumption as a precautionary measure as per HSE advice.

Operations Lead for Uisce Éireann, Colin Cunningham, said: “Uisce Éireann understands the inconvenience when an unplanned outage occurs, and we would like to thank impacted customers for their patience while we work to complete the repairs and restore normal supply as quickly as possible. 

“We are appealing to customers in Emly and the entire Galtee Regional scheme to help conserve water by not running taps needlessly, taking showers instead of baths and to postpone using dishwashers and washing machines, where possible, until repairs are completed. Any reduction in usage will help in returning the supply to all customers in Emly. Further information on water conservation is available on our website at www.water.ie/conserve.” 

Vulnerable customers who have registered with Uisce Éireann receive direct communications from us for planned and unplanned outages lasting more than four hours.

The Uisce Éireann customer care helpline is open 24/7 on 1800 278 278 and customers can also contact us on Twitter @IWCare with any queries. For updates, please see the Water Supply updates section of our website.

Uisce Éireann is responsible for delivering public drinking water and wastewater services for the people of Ireland. We are committed to enabling communities to thrive by continuously upgrading and developing critical infrastructure to support sustainable growth and development, providing safe drinking water, and enhancing the environment.