A water meter is a device which measures the amount of water supplied to your home. Meters will be placed in a meter box, which will be fitted underground on public land. These meters will feature Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology.

Find out about Irish Water meters and AMR technology.

These water meters can be read by a 'drive by' method rather than by an individual visit by a meter reader. This means we won't need to enter your property to take a reading and we can read them more efficiently. AMR meters also provide information about the household's water usage so we are able to show you how much water you have used. By knowing a bit more about how much you use it will hopefully make it easier to manage your water usage. You can see the meter readings for your property in the My Water online account section.

Water meter installation to an existing property

  1. At least 14 days before the work begins you will receive a booklet that explains our work and what to expect when we install your water meter. 
  2. At least two days before the installation we will notify you of the date when the water meter will be fitted.
  3. The installation process may restrict access to your driveway and will cause disruption to the public road or footpath outside your home and in your area which may last for a few days. This is unavoidable but we'll try to keep disruption to a minimum and make sure that you have safe pedestrian access to and from your home while work is being carried out. Protective barriers will be used throughout the installation process for your safety. Typically, works will take place between 7.30am and 7.30pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday.
  4. During the actual fitting of the water meter and/or meter box (which may take up to two hours) your water supply will be interrupted from time to time. While your water supply is off please:
    • don't use the kitchen cold water tap, or any other tap that is fed directly off the mains, as this could cause the sink to overflow if it is left on when supply is restored
    • don't drink water from your hot water tap
    • don't use household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, which rely on a constant supply of water
    • don't use other devices running on mains water pressure
  5. You do not need to be at home while your meter box or water meter is being fitted and there is no direct charge for the fitting of a water meter.

Watch our Metering Explained video now

Metering Explained - Irish Water

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