Ways to register

You can register online or by telephone. To register with us online you will need your WPRN and Account Number. You can find your WPRN and Account Number at the top right corner of your water bill.

If you do not have your WPRN and Application Number or if you have misplaced or lost these details, you can also register by calling us on Callsave 1850 448 448 or +353 1 707 2824, our lines are open from 9am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. If you would like to complete your application in Irish, please call 1850 448 448 and dial 9. 

Register Online Now

Irish Water postal application form

Who needs to register?

You should register with Irish Water if:

  • you are a property owner and live in the property.
  • you are an occupier (tenant) and live in the property.
  • you are the owner of a property and there is no occupier in the property (for example a holiday home).
  • you do not have public water services connected to your property (you will need to tell us that you are not a customer).


Who needs to register?

What if I have already registered?

If you have already registered with Irish Water and there have been no changes in the number of people living in your household, then you do not need to do anything further at this time and we thank you for completing your registration. If there has been a change, please call us on 1850 448 448 to update your details.

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