Diversion or Alteration of Irish Water Assets

Irish Water is responsible for all public water and wastewater infrastructure since 1 January 2014. The water infrastructure provides raw water for treatment and, following treatment, potable drinking water for supply. The wastewater infrastructure collects untreated and, on occasion, treated wastewater from customers’ premises prior to its associated treatment and discharge. In most instances this water and wastewater infrastructure is located under the public road. However, due to access requirements at specific locations, some of this infrastructure is located in private lands. These public water supply and wastewater collection assets service multiple customers in many instances.

If you are considering a development proposal, it is best practice to contact us in advance of designing your proposal to determine the location of public water services assets. Details, where known, can be obtained by emailing an Ordinance Survey map identifying the proposed location of your intended development to datarequests@water.ie. Other indicators or methodologies for identifying infrastructure located within your lands are the presence of registered wayleave agreements, visible manholes, vent stacks, valve chambers, marker posts etc. within the proposed site.

In many instances Irish Water may not raise an objection to your development proposal during the planning process, however, this does not mean that the water supply or wastewater collection asset can be encroached upon or built over.  

If it is determined that an Irish Water asset is passing through your site, we would urge you to contact us to establish the need to alter or divert this asset and execute a Diversion Agreement. You can contact us by completing the Diversions and Build-Over Enquiry Form. On receipt of your query we will review the proposal and revert with an indication of the acceptability of the proposal together with next steps as appropriate. Any design proposal to divert an Irish Water asset must be completed in accordance with our Standard Details and Codes of Practice which are available on our Technical Guidance page. 

We do not charge for this early engagement, however, the subsequent cost of diverting/altering the asset, as well any costs associated with supervising the works, will be included as a charge in the Diversion Agreement for diverting or altering the asset. A refundable bond/surety will also be included in respect of the diversion / alteration works. 

Download the Diversions Application Form

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