Ireland is fortunate to have safe and reliable sources of fresh, raw water that we can treat and use as drinking water. However, there are many different factors that can have an impact on the quality of drinking water, for example soil or rock types, land use practices and even high rainfall can all affect the quality of drinking water.

When we turn on the tap, we all expect to be assured of clean, safe drinking water being delivered to our homes and businesses every day and it’s important to remember that there is a complex process behind the treatment, monitoring and testing of our drinking water in Ireland.

What is a Water Supply Zone? A Water Supply Zone or WSZ, is a defined area where drinking water is supplied by the public mains.

Search for your Water Supply Zone to view your drinking water quality results by entering your address into the search tool and clicking Search:

It’s important to note:
The drinking water quality results that will display for your Water Supply Zone are retrospective (i.e. they represent water samples taken in the past) and may not reflect the current water quality results for your Water Supply Zone.

Irish Water is publishing drinking water quality results from January 2014 onwards; any water quality sampling and testing carried out prior to January 2014 was the responsibility of your Local Authority. If you would like to view drinking water quality results from before January 2014, these can be found on the EPA website here.

We have detailed information for most of the Water Supply Zones in Ireland and we welcome feedback from the public on Water Supply Zones where there may be limited data available. You can call us on 1850 278 278 with your feedback and working together, we can continuously update and improve this service into the future.

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