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Please note that all exceedances are fully investigated to determine the cause and to ensure that appropriate corrective actions are carried out.

The drinking water quality results that will display for your Water Supply Zone are past water samples and may not reflect the current water quality results for your Water Supply Zone.

Irish Water is publishing drinking water quality results from January 2014 onwards. Any water quality sampling and testing carried out prior to January 2014 was the responsibility of your Local Authority. You can find the drinking water quality results from before January 2014 by visiting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website. You can also view all supplies that are currently on the EPA's Remedial Action List (RAL) using the interactive map including the reason the supply is on the RAL and the expected completion date for the remedial works.

We have detailed information for most of the Water Supply Zones in Ireland and we welcome feedback from the public on Water Supply Zones where there may be limited data available. You can call us on 1890 278 278 with your feedback and working together, we can continuously update and improve this service into the future.

Need more information or have a question on drinking water quality? 
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