The colour, taste and smell of the drinking water we supply to your tap should be acceptable with no abnormal change. There are a number of different factors which can cause your water to change.

Unusual taste or smell

The water that we supply to your tap should have no particular smell or taste. Sometimes that’s not the case. 

Taste & Smell

Discoloured water in your tap

On some occasions the water in your tap may appear discoloured. Find out what may be causing this change in appearance.

Discoloured Water

Supply issues during/following an outage

Helpful tips on what to do during an interruption to your supply or if you experience supply issues when your water has been restored.

Supply Issues

Report a leak

Please use this form to report a water leak that you've spotted on public property in your area.

Report a leak

No water or very low pressure

There are a number of reasons why you may experience no water or very low pressure to your property.

No Water

Prepare for planned works

During planned works in your area, you may experience a disruption to your water supply such as low pressure or discoloured water.Add content here

Planned Works

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