Liscarton Water Treatment Plant

Water Project

Irish Water is investing approximately €9 million in Navan’s Water Supply to upgrade its Water Treatment Plant at Liscarton.

Irish Water in partnership with Meath County Council, is investing €9m to upgrade the water treatment plant (WTP) at Liscarton. We recently awarded a contract to Veolia Water Ireland to carry out the works as part of this project. Works are due to commence in the coming weeks and will take approximately 12 months to complete.

Liscarton WTP treats and supplies water to Navan. Liscarton WTP was originally constructed in 1977 and supplies over 40,000 people across Navan. The Navan Water Supply is on the Environmental Project Agency’s (EPA’s) Remedial Action List (RAL).

In Progress
€9 million


  • Enable water supply to be removed from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Remedial Action List (RAL)
  • Improve the treatment of the existing discharges to the River Blackwater
  • Improve energy efficiency at the plant


  • Upgrade of the raw water intake works and pumping station
  • Introduction of pH correction of raw water from the River Blackwater
  • Upgrade of existing coagulation, flocculation & clarification processes
  • Upgrade of existing filter process
  • Upgrade of disinfection infrastructure
  • Addition of solid and liquid residual treatment infrastructure
  • Replacement of existing pumping plant to improve energy efficiency and increase resilience at the WTP