Owenteskna Water Supply Scheme

Water Supply Project

This €3.8 million upgrade to the Owenteskna Public Water Supply included the construction of a new state of the art water treatment plant and reservoir.

This project benefits approximately 4,000 consumers in the South West Donegal area covering the area west of Killybegs including Kilcar, Carrick and Glencolumcille, ensuring a reliable supply of high quality drinking water.

€3.8 million


  • Improve drinking water quality
  • Protection of water source
  • Improve security of supply
  • Improve access to water source
  • Removal of water supply from EPA’s Remedial Action List


  • Construction of a new water treatment plant at Owenteskna Townland, Carrick
  • The new treatment plant will comprise a robust flocculation, coagulation and filtration process
  • UV disinfection to mitigate against the risk of contamination
  • Storage for treated water at the treatment plant
  • Source protection works and access improvements to the water source (Lough Nalughraman)