Loughrea Sewer Rehabilitation Works

Wastewater Project

Irish Water, working in partnership with Galway County Council, has invested €500,000 to upgrade the sewer network in Loughrea. These completed works reduce sewer flooding and also minimise the frequency and quantity of storm water overflows into St. Clerans River. Underground System and Sewer Repair (USSR) Limited completed the final section of the works on behalf of Irish Water.



  • Reduce sewer flooding
  • Improve the quality of water in St. Clerans River by reducing the frequency and quantity of storm water overflows
  • Reduce the likelihood of sewer blockages
  • Improve the performance level of the sewer network


  • Complete jetting, cleaning and CCTV surveying of over 4km of sewer network to determine their condition
  • Rehabilitation of any sewer defects through localised repairs and installed new plastic liner into the existing sewers where necessary
  • Rehabilitation of manholes to further minimise surface water infiltration