Lough Egish Regional Water Supply Scheme

Water Supply Project

This investment of €4.5 million to upgrade Lough Egish Regional Water Supply benefits approximately 12,000 consumers in Co Monaghan including Ballybay, Rockcorry and Castleblaney.

This project involved the upgrade of the existing Kilkit Water Treatment Plant in Shantonagh and the intake and pumping station at Lough Bawn, together with associated site and ancillary works. Since completion the upgraded treatment plant has an increased design output.

€4.5 million


  • Deliver improved supply and water pressure
  • Deliver improved security of supply
  • Ensure compliance with current Drinking Water Quality Regulations
  • Remove supplies from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Remedial Action List
  • Significant operation savings following optimisation of the treatment process
  • This project will address the elevated THM levels in the water supply to over 12,000 people. More information on THMs can be found on our Water Quality page