Kiskeam Water Supply Scheme Upgrades

Water Project

Upgrades to ensure security of supply and environmental compliance for Kiskeam, Co. Cork.

Irish Water, working in partnership with Cork County Council, is upgrading the Kiskeam Water Supply Scheme. The upgrades will connect Kiskeam water supply to the Ballinatona Public Water Supply Scheme, ensuring security of supply and compliance with current drinking water regulations.

The Kiskeam water supply had a number of issues, particularly in relation to the vulnerability of supply from the spring source and the high chlorine required to treat the water during heavy rainfall events. Additionally the Kiskeam water supply is at risk due to concentrations of pH and lead, which were not in compliance with the Drinking Water Regulations. 

In Progress

What is involved?

  • Construction of over 11.7km of water mains, connecting the Ballydesmond and Kiskeam areas to an alternative water supply at the Ballinatona Public Water Supply Scheme.
  • Construction of a new pumping station to supply Ballydesmond and the reservoir.
  • Construction of a new reservoir to provide 24 hour storage for the areas which is currently on-going,


  • Ensure compliance with current Drinking Water Regulations.
  • Ensure the delivery of safe drinking water to Kiskeam and the surrounding area.
  • Safeguard the water to these areas, given the vulnerability of the current spring water source.
  • Improve security of supply to these areas.