Granard Backyard Services

National Leakage Reduction Programme

Irish Water, in partnership with Longford County Council, is replacing ageing back yard water mains and providing new service connections for customers in O’Callaghan Terrace, Granard, Co. Longford to provide a more reliable water supply, improve water quality and reduce high levels of leakage.

In some older properties water connections were installed to the rear of the property, often referred to as backyard service connections. The pipework is typically made of cast iron or lead and due to age and deterioration is a significant source of leakage. Back yard services are usually shared, running through a number of neighbouring properties, making it difficult to detect and repair leaks. Since all properties share a connection, leaks and bursts affect all properties and usually result in low pressure. These works will be carried out by GMC Utilities Group in partnership with Longford County Council on behalf of Irish Water.

Leakage Reduction


A Reliable Water Supply

  • Replacing the old water mains with new water mains and service connections will reduce the instances of bursts and water outages and will ensure a reliable supply of water to customers in the area

Reduced Leaks

  • Replacement of old water mains and service connections in poor condition will eliminate existing leaks and reduce the amount of clean drinking water lost into the ground

Improved Water Quality

  • Removing existing old cast iron and lead from the water network and replacing them with new plastic pipes will reduce the risk of contamination

Improved Operation and Maintenance

  • These works will deliver cost savings by providing improved water network operation that will require less maintenance in the future


  • The works at O’Callaghan Terrace involve the decommissioning of approximately 245 metres of old cast iron back yard water mains
  • Approximately 188 metres of new water mains will be constructed along the public road and new service connections will be installed from the new water main to each customer’s property
  • A survey is required at each property within this community to assess the current water connection arrangement for that property and discuss the best way to connect the new service to the customer’s home