Public participation in the development of the project

Irish Water seeks to engage stakeholders on each of its projects in an accessible, meaningful, transparent and accountable manner to ensure better outcomes for the parties involved.

All stakeholder engagement activity carried out by Irish Water is in line with national and European legislation and international best practice.

Public participation was encouraged throughout the development of this project and three focused periods of public consultation formed part of a broader process of stakeholder engagement in the development of the Regional Biosolids Storage. Feedback provided both in and outside the focused periods of consultation was in the consultation report for each stage:

Stage 1

Irish Water published the Stage 1 Report for the project which outlined the project study area and the methodology for identifying and assessing potentially suitable sites. A period of focused consultation sought feedback on this proposed approach to identifying and assessing potentially suitable sites for the project.

Stage 2

Irish water published the Stage 2 Report, which identified five potential sites and a feedback was invited as part of a non-statutory public consultation.

Stage 3

Consultation on the preferred site location and views on what should be considered as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS)

The Project Roadmap here shows how these focused periods of consultation represented key stages in the decision-making process.

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