In Progress
€40 million
Works Completed and Next Steps
Works on-going at the upgraded water treatment plant


  • A safe and secure water supply
  • Investment in key infrastructure
  • Ensure the plant at Lee Road meets the needs of a growing population.
  • Supports the ongoing social and economic development of Cork City.
  • Removal of supply from the EPA’s Remedial Action List
How are works progressing to date?

How are works progressing to date?

This €40 million project is being delivered by J Murphy and Sons Ltd on behalf of Irish Water. Works commenced in late 2019 and it is anticipated that construction works will be completed by the end 2021. This includes:

  • On-going works at the site which included recent concrete pour of the new infrastructure.
  • Works to replace the existing plant with a new water treatment plant that will supply 40 Megalitres per Day (MLD).
  • Works also include upgrades to the pumping stations, tanks, treatment systems and flood protection works.

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