• Water quality at the discharge point in Ballyness Bay will improve significantly
  • Discharges will be restricted to periods of high tide only in Ballyness Bay
  • Cleaner water will enhance Falcarragh’s amenity value and act as a platform for social and economic development
  • New combined sewer overflow (CSO), pumping station and WwTP have all been sized to accommodate future population growth


  • Construction of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant at Ballyness which will serve a population equivalent of approximately 1,675
  • Construction of a tidal tank and tidal valve to restrict discharge to periods of high tide only in Ballyness Bay
  • Decommissioning and demolition of the existing septic tank in Ballyness
  • Construction of a new wastewater pumping station and demolition of the existing pumping station at Ballyconnell
  • Construction of a new CSO chamber and mechanical screen in Ballyness to replace the existing unscreened overflow

What is the duration of the project?

  • We will submit a planning application to Donegal County Council in autumn 2019
  • Subject to statutory approvals it is envisaged that planning, design and construction will take approximately 3 years and will be undertaken between 2018 and 2021
  • Subject to statutory approvals the duration of the construction is expected to be 18 months
  • It is anticipated that the construction works will commence in late 2019

More Information

For more information contact the project team at donegaluww@water.ie 

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