Significant milestones achieved with €139 million wastewater project continuing in Arklow

28 August 2023

Sewer network construction along the North and South quays almost 80% complete

Arklow is a town steeped in history. The iconic Nineteen Arches Bridge straddling the Avoca River, the longest handmade stone bridge in Ireland, connects the two sides of this bustling town. Uisce Éireann is proud to be part of bridging the future journey of Arklow, as the landmark investment of €139 million in the town’s wastewater infrastructure charges full steam ahead. Once completed, the Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant will eliminate the equivalent of 14,000 wheelie bins per day of untreated wastewater entering the Avoca River, and will support economic and social development for homes and businesses.

Uisce Éireann continues to make substantial progress in advancing this essential project for the people of Arklow. Since the first overturned sod marked the beginning of almost two busy years of construction, approximately 80% of the works to the sewer network have been completed along the North and South quays, with over 1.8 km of new sewers already installed and all tunnelling works completed.

Once the sewer network phase of the project has been completed early next year, the works will be confined to the new Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant site, further reducing disruption in terms of noise and traffic restrictions. The project will bring significant benefits to this sea-faring town, including environmental protection and improved water quality in the River Avoca for angling, water sports and marine life. It will also act as a catalyst for housing and support economic growth and development in the town.

Speaking about the benefits of this essential project for the local community, Paul Fallon, Portfolio Manager at Uisce Éireann, said “This project once completed will end the unacceptable practice of discharging untreated sewage into the Avoca River. The Arklow Wastewater Treatment Plant project demonstrates how Uisce Éireann is delivering infrastructure that is critical for the health and economy of communities across Wicklow and Ireland. The provision of adequate wastewater treatment, in a manner that protects the natural environment and subsequently our health, is essential to the growth and development of this beautiful town.

Paul added, “Uisce Éireann would like to thank the people of Arklow for their continued support and cooperation while we progress this important project."

This project represents another major milestone in Uisce Éireann’s capital investment journey to end the unacceptable practice of discharging untreated sewage into our waterways and sea. 60% of all raw sewage discharges by volume have been eliminated since the establishment of Uisce Éireann and Arklow is the largest remaining town without treatment.

The commencement of this project and the progress made throughout 2022 and 2023 means that we are on track to eliminate the vast majority of raw sewage discharges in Ireland by 2025.

Uisce Éireann is responsible for delivering public drinking water and wastewater services for the people of Ireland. We are committed to enabling communities to thrive by continuously upgrading and developing critical infrastructure to support sustainable growth and development, providing safe drinking water, and enhancing the environment. To find out more visit the Uisce Éireann website.