Longford looks forward to improved water supply as works continue in Granard and Lanesborough

18 February 2022

Homes and businesses in Granard and Lanesborough can look forward to improved water quality and a more reliable water supply with a further phase of upgrade works set to begin next week. The works are part of Irish Water’s national Leakage Reduction Programme. 

Working in partnership with Longford County Council, Irish Water recently replaced over 500 metres of old and problematic water mains along the L5126 in Ballywillan that were prone to high levels of leakage and bursts, impacting customers. The next phase of works will see a further 2.7km of aging mains replaced on the L5126 driving down leakage and improving the water supply for the wider community. The project is expected to be completed in May 2022.

Continuing our investment in Longford, Irish Water also recently replaced 2.5km of aging water mains in Lanesborough. An additional 1.6km of water mains will be replaced from the junction of the R392 along Rathcline Road which, along with the upgrade works to date,  will significantly reduce the amount of treated water lost through frequent bursts while providing the local community with a much improved water supply. These works are expected to be completed in April 2022.

 To ensure the safety of crews and the public, a temporary road closure will be required along Rathcline Road with local and emergency traffic maintained.

Outlining the benefits of these works Matt Thomson, Leakage Reduction Programme Regional Lead with Irish Water, explained: “The new water mains will improve water quality and reduce high levels of leakage in these areas, while providing our customers with a more reliable water supply.

The works may involve some short-term water interruptions, however, the project team will ensure that customers are given a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to any planned water interruptions.

Matt added: “These ongoing projects are part of a significant investment by Irish Water to upgrade the water network across Longford and we would like to thank customers for their continued cooperation and patience while we continue to upgrade and improve the water supply in county.

GMC Utilities Ltd are contracted to carry out the works on behalf of Irish Water.

This project is one example of how Irish Water is continuing to work in partnership with Longford County Council to reduce leaks every day. Fixing leaks can be complicated with over 63,000km of water pipe in Ireland. Most leaks aren’t visible, resulting in precious water being lost but we are making progress. In 2018 the rate of leakage nationally was 46%, by the end of 2021 it was reduced to 38%.  We are on track to achieve a national leakage rate of 32% by the end of 2024.

Customers can phone Irish Water on 1800 278 278 if they have any questions about the project or check out the Supply and Service Updates section of our website.

Irish Water is responsible for the delivery of all public water and wastewater services in Ireland. We are committed to continuously upgrading and developing critical infrastructure to support the growth needed in housing and across our economy, while protecting the environment and safeguarding water supplies.